Just in Time for the Holidays:

Is Gordon Campbell going to Hawaii this year? Philip Roth's 'The Plot Against America' looks like a good book. Paul Martin actually said in a year end interview that Canada wasn't putting money or launching sites towards BMD. Ever notice how the people opposed to same sex marriage come from towns where nobody would want one? I sent most of my friends Chinese tea sets for Xmas. Vodka and Cranberry Juice is a welcome change from rum and eggnog. Repositioning Cruises are a good deal. Which makes more sense, the Bowl Championship Series or the Electoral College? Prediction for 2005: Ukraine will have a President before Washington State has a Governor. A shrimp ring would be really good right about now. I can't say I miss the NHL as much as I miss baseball. It seems to be a lot easier to get a cold in Vancouver since the germs don't freeze. Given the five heart attacks between my two parents, I'm surprised I was approved for life insurance this week. I should go skating. Some of the music in the stores is really depressing, they should hand out zoloft instead of candy canes. I wonder if Ralph Klein still drinks. People who get uptight about people saying 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas' need to find a good jigsaw puzzle or something. Laura Prepon is starting to look good with blonde hair. Being one of the last people at work before the holidays would be fine if they didn't turn the heat off.